Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Greetings, dear friends!

I've been quiet for a while as I have been doing much shifting and healing.  During these times, although I continue to see clients, I find it very nurturing to lay low and simply "be" with my Self.  

Amazing revelations occur through the dream time and just as often, through inspirational reading.

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?
The one facet of my life that I have been continuously recreating through these shifts is my perception of the actions of those around me.  I am always in wonder of how a tiny shift in consciousness can COMPLETELY change the way I look at something - whether it be the behavior of another or world events.

This shift feels like it is going "upwards".  By that, I mean as my vibration raises through improved choices I feel an upward pull.  Is it a physical sensation?  Not sure, but I have always "felt" information, as well as "see" and "hear", etc.  I like the feeling.

The biggest change I see in myself is an ongoing ability to stay in a more neutral space with myself and others.  I now subscribe to "STAYING IN KINDNESS" as often as possible.

It wasn't always easy when I first began practicing this.  What was most evident was the fact that others who weren't prepared to stay in the "neutral zone" tried to bring me back into reaction, where it was most familiar.

It can be very tempting to fall back on old behavior, which I relied upon more years than not in the past. Verbally, I could keep duel with the very best of 'em. In fact, I thrived on it; it wasn't unusual to find ME leading the brigade for the cause of the day!  

Unfortunately, too many of my words flowed from a sharp tongue.  Yes, I could win a battle of wit, but I din't feel good afterward.  In fact, I never felt like I "won" anything. My willingness to do battle only pushed people away.  I could scrap, alright, but I was lonely.

Do you want to be RIGHT, or do you want to be HAPPY?
When staying in kindness, the objective shifts from needing to win to creating an amenable exchange. It feels good...period.  I step away from this type of peaceful communication feeling centered and calm.  

Throughout this last shift, I found that listening can be more powerful than speaking.  When I stay in KINDNESS, I hear more.  That gives me a more abundant tool box from which to properly respond (rather than react).  If the other person doesn't not like what I have to share, they may get upset with me.  That is simply their ego - their perception - at play.  I do my best to create space for their feelings/comments, but I no longer get sucked in.  

However, sometimes, the calmer and kinder I remain, the more frustrated the other person becomes. This is because their pain body (ego) is trying desperately to engage my ego for a "fuel-up".  I am stronger and a bit wiser these days; I don't play in sandboxes where argumentative people hang out. And, if I encounter this energy in my travels, I simply go to KINDNESS.


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