Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Are you always AGREEABLE as a form of CURRENCY?
Human nature is infinitely intriguing.  Paying close attention, you may notice that certain individuals use what I like to call "currency" as a means to an end.

There are many forms of currency.  For example, "Joe" is described as loving, kind and always there for others but never asks for anything in return, and never burdens others with his concerns.  He is seen by many as a wonderful person, in deed.  However, underneath all the giving (of his time, advice, gifts, etc.) there may be a secret desire to have others like or love him.  He may not be consciously aware of this, but it is there and guiding his actions, all the same.

Do you give GIFTS as a form of CURRENCY?
Using this example, we can see that Joe's offer is not unconditional, although on the surface it may appear so, because he never overtly asks for anything in return.

Do you use HUMOR as a form of CURRENCY?
Ah, but he DOES want something; to be accepted, liked or even loved.  If he doesn't feel a return on his "investment", he may become resentful or quietly angry. Over time, this feeling of unreciprocated "kindness" builds and begins to show up in his passive aggressive actions.

What's your currency?  Challenging ourselves to look below the surface of our actions is healthy and enlightening.

Take the CURRENCY CHALLENGE.  Look at yourself; see what's there; do not judge what you see; grow from the discovery.  

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