Thursday, June 27, 2013


The frenzy around Paula Dean at this time is indicative of our need to distract ourselves from governing our own life and actions.

It startles me how quick we, as a society, are willing to stand in judgment of others. Many of us  fall from grace from time to time, only not in the public eye.

When we begin to a acknowledge that everyone is a teacher, some because of how well they do something, and others by how poorly, we may choose to learn something from Ms. Dean.

She stands in the spotlight reminding us to be ever-thoughtful in our speech and our behavior toward others and to remain humble in the throes of success.

If Ms. Dean is paying attention, she, too, can learn something. Thinking/speaking/behaving in the way we were raised is not always appropriate. Changing with the times keeps us relevant.
Perhaps this upset will offer her a new way to "be" -  a higher road with a new definition of love and respect for all beings.

Thank you, Ms. Dean for standing up as a powerful teacher!  The recognition you are receiving isn't the kind in which you are accustomed, however, your experiences, and the lessons you provide,  are valuable and rich, nonetheless.


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