SoulSync ReLync™
During a period of deep introspection and hard lessons (also known as Dark Night of the Soul), I was given insight into an energy healing technique I call SoulSync ReLync™. This process is purely energetic and encourages your own innate ability to heal at deep physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. It literally relinks you to your own divine essence, helping to restore you to whatever level of well-being you are prepared to receive. This technique differs from my current work, which involves sharing out-of-the-box perspectives and education as I clear energetic cords. During a SoulSync ReLync™ session, there is limited verbal communication as I facilitate activation of the Universe’s powerful force to work through me as I engage your energy. It is amazing to witness how the energy moves and fosters healing throughout your entire system. It is recommended that you commit to a minimum of three (3) sessions for this process. At the completion of the third session, we will evaluate together whether more sessions are desirable.
Intuitive Profiling
An extremely valuable tool with a proven track record in the private sector. Corporate Intuitive Profiling reveals essential information that often goes undetected utilizing a standard psychological profile. This alternative is highly successful in, but not limited to, the following areas:
Corporate Intuitive Profiling
Hiring right the first time!

  • In-depth evaluation of employment candidates
  • Comprehensive evaluation of current staff
  • Staff evaluation and employee retention
  • Recommendations for reassignment
  • Team evaluation and development
  • Assessment of individual strengths
  • Tools for increased cohesive productivity

  • Case Profiling

    In-depth suspect and victim profiling

  • 90-minutes
  • 60-minutes
  • Retainer

  • SoulSync Consulting Services
    Individual Intuitive Session
    Clairvoyant reading; energetic clearing and cord cutting; in person or by phone; private and recorded (energy work not available during 30- minute check in session)

  • 90 minutes (in person or by phone)
  • 60 minutes (in person or by phone)
  • 30 minutes (follow-up only, check in by phone only)
  • Couples Intuitive Session
    Clairvoyant reading; energetic clearing and cord cutting; in person or by phone; private and recorded
  • 90 minutes
  • Group Sessions
    6 – 8 participants; average clairvoyant reading time is 20 minutes per attendee; in person.  Much can be revealed during a group reading. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions as well as receive Connie's intuitive insights
    Multiple Series Packages As a powerful means of follow-up and continued integration, as well as further cord cutting, there are now two package options available. Package must be purchased at the time of first session in order to receive discount.
  • 12-Series Package - Save 25% when you purchase 12 sessions with one prepayment
  • 9-Series Package - Save 20% when you purchase 9 sessions with one prepayment
  • 6-Series Package - Save 15% when you purchase 6 sessions with one prepayment
  • 3-Series Package - Save 10% when you purchase 3 sessions with one prepayment
  • Keynote Speaking Engaging, thought provoking and highly informative presentations tailored to meet the needs of the organization.
    Areas of interest:
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Accountability
  • Raising personal vibration for greater sense of well being and reduced down time
  • Matching personality to task resulting in greater satisfaction, higher productivity and increased employee retention
  • Organizational Team Building / Abilities Identified
    Working with your current team, Connie identifies each team member's talents and strengths, offering workable suggestions for creating a more cohesive and productive environment (vibrational harmony)
    Chakra Balancing
  • 60 minutes
  • Intuitively balance main energy centers revealing probable emotional and/or physical blocks; in person or by phone; private and recorded
    Dream Interpretation Session
    Intuitive interpretation; learn how your dreams are signposts to your waking life; in person or by phone; private and recorded
  • 90 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • Dream Interpretation Course
    Techniques and tools for remembering your dreams
    Discover what dream symbols are communicating
  • 4 weeks / 8 hours of instruction
  • Retreats
    Private retreats held at sacred locations
    One and two-day courses
    Private and group instruction designed to assist in the discovery and heightening of paranormal and psychic abilities
    Energetic Space Clearing
    Energetic cleansing for home or office
  • Diminishes stagnant, negative energy left behind by illness, conflict or other people
  • Counteracts unstable energy surrounding your space causing lack of focus, fatigue, illness,fear

  • Home
  • 5,000 sq ft
  • 10,000 sq ft
  • Gift Certificates
    A truly soulful gift!
  • 90-minutes
  • 60-minutes
  • 30-minutes
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