Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I was drawn out onto the large upstairs deck, with its spectacular mountain view.  Each day something new lay upon the deck boards in the same spot.  Small animal teeth and bones, shells and wings.  I was puzzled and very, very captivated.

Each morning at around five o’clock a large crow (or raven) flew right past our bedroom window, which was on the second story. I “knew” it was very large because of the swooshing sound its wings made as it flapped majestically toward a destination, which was frequently becoming our balcony.
One day, my then-husband very quietly, “You know this bird is leaving these things for you, don’t you?” I was shocked to hear those words from his mouth. He had long ago renounced all things religious or spiritual. To have him recognize and acknowledge this phenomenon was very validating. I’d believed in the invisible since early childhood even if I hadn't put it into a form of spiritual practice. Now this man, who normally had no belief in such things, was seeing and feeling what I was experiencing – a goosebumply sense that the bird was preparing me for something new, something big, and something unthought-of.
I was still resisting my inherent psychic abilities.  I knew I was gifted, but had no idea what purpose it might serve and had not even begun to investigate spirituality. Could this raven be bringing gifts to jog a past life memory designed to jump start my path in this life?
I began to interpret my dreams each morning as a gateway into the psychic realm.  I learned so much about myself through that portal… and I wanted more.  I began to meditate for hours a day.  That was also very magical and led me to many past-life discoveries… and, I wanted more.

One fall evening, I announced to my husband that I wanted a mentor – someone who had all the gifts and abilities I possessed, but with a great deal more wisdom and experience.  Within ONE HOUR of my assertion, the phone rang.  It was a woman from New Orleans (my hometown) whom I met once when she taught a workshop in San Diego. She was calling to invite me to her next San Diego presentation.  I accepted immediately… and I wanted more.  

I inquired as to whether she mentored.  Yes, in fact, she took on students whom she felt were gifted but needed guidance.  Yes, she would take me under her wing. 

My mentor opened doors that I may not have found without her loving and skillful guidance.  Her infinite wisdom led me down cosmic corridors and thresholds that I could not have imagined. It was an initiation that I will never, ever forget.  I am forever grateful.

If, like me, you feel you will flourish under the guidance of an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, please contact me.  Let's discuss your desires and allow me to get a feel for your innate psychic abilities.

Are you ready to step into your Divine Self?  Do you want more?

Healer, Psychic-Medium, Mentor, Intuitive Profiler, Speaker and Writer, Connie is available for private sessions by appointment only. Through Intuitive Profiling and movement/release of negative energy, she identifies and cuts unhealthy energetic cords. Releasing these harmful energetic connections allows us to function at a higher vibrational frequency.
Private and Couple’s Sessions (cutting energetic cords)
Energetic Space Clearing for business (staff profiles included) or home

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