How do I know if I need a reading?
You are stuck at a crossroads in any area of your life
Personal relationships; career and business
You are experiencing grief or depression
You have suffered a loss of some kind
You have unresolved issues (emotional, physical, etc.)
You have a pivotal decision to make and need help identifying all options
You want to sever a relationship in a healthy manner but can’t seem to figure out how
You have an unresolved medical condition

What is the purpose of a reading?
Vibrational shift

How long does a typical session last?
60 - 75 minutes

How do I prepare for a reading?
You can either have a list of questions or concerns prepared in advance, or Simply Show Up! Connie will ask your Soul to lead her to the exact information needed

Can I make contact with a loved one who has crossed over?
Yes, provided the Soul of the departed is willing

Is there a difference between a "clairvoyant" and a "medium"?
A clairvoyant has “clear seeing” and is able to connect with the energy of the living. A medium has the ability to connect with the energy of departed individuals
Not all clairvoyants are mediums
Not all mediums are clairvoyant

What are "chakras" and why should I have them balanced?
Indivisible energy centers located in and around the body
Properly spinning chakras result in a sense of overall well-being

What are "energetic cords" and how do they affect my life?
Energetic cords are invisible connections to the energy of others
Unhealthy cords keep us chained to dysfunctional and destructive behavior patterns, as well as belief systems that don’t belong to us

What role does energy (vibration) play in my overall well-being?
All living things vibrate and attract like-vibration
Low vibration invites among other things: fear, illness, depression and lack
High vibration invites and supports, among other things: love, wellness and abundance
The people we attract serve as barometers for how we choose to live our lives

How often should I receive a reading?
Your Soul will let you know when and if you should have another session
All visible energetic cords are severed during your first session
Should new questions arise or additional cords surface, another session may be helpful

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