Sunday, November 23, 2014


I've had two great teachers in my life. One likely had no idea what a huge impact she made on me while the other, I believe, knows full well.

Mrs. Schank, my fourth grade teacher (McDonogh No. 14, Jefferson Avenue and Chestnut Street, New Orleans,LA., 1963), was a very kind young woman. When she noticed that I often had no milk money, she would quietly hand me a buffalo nickel and a shiny penny. She was always discreet and didn't want to embarrass me in front of the other children. I loved her for her ability to sense and care about my feelings.  I wasn't accustomed to such gentle and sweet exchanges in my home.

Regretfully, I don't have a photo of Mrs. Schank.
This is a current photo of McDonough 14 Elementary School.
When Mrs. Schank noticed the hole in the sole of my shoe, she offered to buy me a new pair of school shoes.  I remember panicking at her offer; I was well aware that my father abhorred charity of any kind.  Mama referred to him as "proud", but even at that age, I felt it had more to do with his alcoholic paranoia.

The day President Kennedy was shot, our school principal announced it over the intercom. Mrs. Schank began to softly cry.  I began to cry, as well, even though I don't think I fully understood the ramifications of the news.  What I did understand, however, was that my dear teacher was in pain, and that hurt me.

Wherever you are today, Mrs. Schank, please know that you were the first person to demonstrate compassion and unselfish love.  Thank you from the bottom if my heart.  I will never, ever forget you.

My second great teacher is also my mentor, Judith Linden.  She came into my life when I was ready to embark on my spiritual path. Even though I was living in San Diego by that time, she is ironically from my hometown of New Orleans.

My Mentor, Judith Linden
A tall stately woman, Judith is absolute cosmic magic personified!  Her vast knowledge of Spirit, Soul and the Universe was what I yearned for and she was willing to share it with me.

Judith was instrumental in helping me define and refine my raw gifts and abilities. She taught me about energetic integrity and strong boundaries. She stressed that healing occurs at the Soul level and that psychic ability alone does not create true healing.

Above and beyond all the mystical knowledge and wisdom she imparted, she helped me embrace this beautiful part of who I am, even as some of my closest loved ones were rejecting my gift.

Judith's absolute devotion to the Soul is more than inspiring to me.  It is the template that helped me step into my Soul purpose on the planet at this time.  She models authenticity, integrity, humility and unconditional love.  She is my spiritual compass and I will forever be grateful.  Saying thank you is hardly enough. Words are limiting, but then, Judith knows what's in my heart. 

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