Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What Mother's Day Means to a Battered Child

As Mother's Day rapidly approaches, social media posts gush love for that special mom and all she did for you growing up. And, then there are your very sad posts about missing your wonderful mom who resides in Heaven now. I can only imagine what either feels like since my mom was neither loving nor wonderful when she was alive. That aside, I am grateful that so many of you feel or felt loved and supported by the most important woman in your early life.

I'm long past feeling sorry for myself and have a great deal of time invested in understanding and appreciating what the bigger picture means for me. I believe I chose my mom because she was mentally ill and couldn't protect me from an abusive father. I trust that there are lessons that I wanted to learn and that a woman with such limitations would be just the catapult I needed in order to find my own strength. My soul directed me toward her; she was a great teacher and I am eternally grateful.

So, if like me, you find the celebration of  Mother's Day a bit foreign, maybe you, too, will remember why you chose your mother. There is a reason and you need only to recall in order to tap into that precious higher meaning.

By the way, I am a mom. I can't imagine not having the gift of a child. His soul chose me; it hasn't always been easy. Like the rest of us, he's looking for his greatness and he will learn from me either by how well - or how poorly - I live my life.

Happy Mother's Day!

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