Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I had the opportunity to contribute my REMOTE VIEWING skills to the District Attorney's office on a twenty year-old cold case in San Diego, CA. 
Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a "viewer") to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding. For example, a viewer might be asked to describe a location on the other side of the world, which he or she has never visited; or a viewer might describe an event that happened long ago; or describe an object sealed in a container or locked in a room; or perhaps even describe a person or an activity; all without being told anything about the target -- not even its name or designation.
From this explanation, it is obvious that remote viewing is related to so-called psi (also known as "psychic" or "parapsychological") phenomena such as clairvoyance or telepathy. Whatever it is that seems to make it possible for human beings to do remote viewing is probably the same underlying ability that makes such things as clairvoyance work.

I loved the challenging process of building intuitive profiles (my term for psychically detecting information without knowing the individual or anything about the case), which were created to offer the detective new investigative directions.

With only the name of the victim, I "saw", as if viewing a video, the murder taking place and also the location in which the victim was found (living room couch).  I purposely did not want to know any details beforehand. 

I quickly identified the murder weapon (knife), saw multiple stab wounds perpetrated by more than one knife and was drawn to the victim’s arm and the rigor mortis position.

Once I accurately identified the crime and the weapons, I could see I’d earned  the detective’s great curiosity and trust.  I then requested known names associated with the suspect.  Ex-wives, girlfriends, mother, father, children, etc.  I was able to ascertain a great deal of information from my intuitive profiling, thus building a personal dossier not yet completely discovered by the detective.

My next goal was to be taken to the crime scene.  The detective obliged. There I ‘saw’ the struggle between a man and a woman who appeared to be in relationship.  I sensed the man was in a jealous rage over her affections for another man. With more than one knife from the kitchen, he stabbed the woman multiple times.

As though I were watching a movie, I saw the suspect standing outside the living room window in the side yard.  A man, whom I believed to be the suspect’s best friend,  was tossing some of the victim’s personal articles (evidence) out the window while the suspect
threw them over a chain link fence that separated the side from the back yard.

The suspect then hopped the fence and began placing the articles in a large, black plastic bag.  The articles contained smears of the victim’s blood; as the articles were tossed into the back yard, blood stained the top of the fence.

I suddenly felt as though I was a camera filming a close-up of the suspect from his dirty brown work boots, upward to the name patch on his navy blue uniform work shirt.  Because he stood at an oblique angle, I could not read the name nor see his full face.  I did, however see the build, approximate height and hair color of the suspect.

The last bit of information I psychically received was how the suspect got rid of the evidence, none of which had been located nor recovered at the time I worked on the case.  I 'saw' the suspect stuff the plastic bag filled with the victim's bloody personal items into the wheel well of an old truck.  The truck was moved from the home of the victim and set on fire.

Some of what I ‘saw” could be corroborated by the detective, but much of the information I supplied was new to him.

Unfortunately, the detective retired shortly after our collaboration so I have no word of the end result.  I often wonder if the case was placed back into the cold case files with so many ghostly unsolved mysteries.

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  1. You are so interesting and I love reading about your phenomenally abilities. I can't wait until your book is available for purchase. I love that you are from New Orleans. I am from a small town in La. Can't wait to read more about you.